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For our team, building dream homes is our business. Paying attention to defining details through a lens of world-class engineering, design and craftsmanship is our specialty.  We’ve been proudly serving our satisfied clients in for many years.

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Our team is the best choice when you’re looking to partner with a custom build and design company that caters to your every need. We work closely with clients through every step of the process, even down to the decision of which exterior siding to select!

There are a lot of options when it comes to exterior siding. Knowing which material will work best with your home is important. Bringing your vision to life requires a commitment to quality materials that fit cohesively into a top-of-the-line design.

Siding sets the aesthetic tone for a home, but it also protects the structure against the elements and can influence the resale value of your property over time. 

Here are some of the most common exterior siding materials that you can choose from:


Durable and reasonably priced, vinyl is one of the most popular exterior siding options on the market. It’s available in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Best of all, it doesn’t require a ton of cleaning or maintenance.

One of the big benefits of having vinyl siding installed on a home is that it doesn’t easily fade over time. However, people who prefer the look of natural materials don’t always love the synthetic appearance of vinyl.

The closest that you can get to a natural-looking vinyl siding would be cedar impression shingles. These are more expensive than traditional vinyl clapboards, but they mimic the look of natural wood with meticulous ridge-inspired patterns and designs.

Many homeowners go with clapboard vinyl siding, which allows for full coverage of a home using narrow vinyl panels that are nailed horizontally to the exterior. Clapboard vinyl panels are lightweight and can be customized to include insulation, making it possible to create a more energy-efficient home through your siding selection.

When it comes to environmental considerations, people looking to “go green” may want to avoid vinyl. The elements that make it so durable also allow it last longer in a landfill. In general, vinyl siding costs anywhere from $2 to $7 per square foot to install.


People who long for their home to embody a natural aesthetic often fall in love with the idea of wood siding. This traditional exterior siding material is very versatile and easy to customize.

Whether you go with cedar, redwood, pine, or spruce varieties, wood can be left in its natural state or painted in a finish and hue that fits homeowner preferences. When left natural, many of these species will turn gray which is a common choice for many of the homes we have built on the shoreline.  Wood stains are also a popular choice for wood siding.

Wood siding can be added as a set of jointed panels or shingles across a home’s exterior that gives a structure a more rustic-chic appeal. Of course, some might opt for interlocking wood logs, instead.

While standard wood siding options are relatively inexpensive to install, maintenance costs should always be factored into the equation. Wood siding is generally more susceptible to weather damage and pest interference than the synthetic alternatives.  

It’s true that wood is a highly-sustainable siding option, but depending on your desired finish it may require a full coat of clear finish to protect the surface of the siding every couple of years. People who choose wood siding can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $9 per square foot, depending on the style selected.

Fiber Cement

This unique and durable exterior siding option is created from a mix of cement, clay, sand, and wood pulp. The combination leads to a long-lasting finish that’s both pest-proof and fire-resistant.

Homeowners who select fiber cement siding will find that it’s easy to paint or finish in a style that fits their ideal aesthetic. It also stands up really well against humidity and fluctuating temperatures that might cause other siding materials to crack or break down.

Typically, homeowners can expect fiber cement siding to last upwards of 30 years after installation. However, the installation process is meticulous and requires specialized equipment and training that our craftsmen have.

Fiber cement siding is very heavy and can’t be placed over any existing siding materials. It usually costs between $5 and $9 per square foot to install.


There’s something endlessly intriguing about a home’s exterior that showcases a southwestern flair. Nothing captures the essence of this aesthetic better than stucco siding.

Known for its durability and designer quality, stucco is a great choice for people who are designing a home built around the concept of unique textures and styles. It’s a selection that provides a seamless incorporation of other exterior materials, as well.

Stucco siding is often done alongside eye-catching brick or ceramic tiles. It’s a material that can easily be customized through a variety of tones to create naturally appealing one-of-a-kind hues.

Many homeowners choose stucco for its fire-resistant qualities and low maintenance standards. However, it’s important to keep in mind that installation is anything but simple.

Properly installed stucco siding requires a significant amount of prep-work and a professional team with the right installation equipment already in place. Stucco also needs to be mixed with epoxy to guarantee a chip-free finish. This exterior siding material is available at a price point usually ranging from $6 to $9 per square foot.

Engineered Wood Siding

People who love the look of wood siding or fiber cement options, but want to pay a bit less will often find that engineered wood siding provides a similar aesthetic at a lower price point. Fabricated from a combination of exterior-grade resins and wood fibers, engineered wood siding is durable and eye-catching, while it also holds up well in severe weather climates.

Engineered wood siding can last upwards of 50 years after installation. The vast majority of homeowners who select engineered wood siding are drawn to this option because it’s available in such a wide variety of styles and colors.

Engineered wood siding can easily be painted and finished according to preference, but it can also be installed as shingles or clapboards that are designed to resemble natural wood finishes. At only $3 to $5 per square foot, engineered wood siding is a cost-effective alternative to more natural options.


When durability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly solutions are priorities for your home’s siding selection, aluminum is a good choice. Its lightweight nature makes it simple to install and it’s created using recycled material.

Aluminum is a relatively low-maintenance siding solution that’s adaptable to all kinds of weather. It’s both fire resistant and pest-proof, which many homeowners love.

The only downside to aluminum is that it tends to be noisy when severe weather strikes and could potentially dent under the influence of hail. That said, it’s incredibly heat efficient and provides homes with insulation standards that can help to cut down on energy bills.

Adding a rust-resistant coating to aluminum siding is always a good option for people who don’t want to hassle with regular maintenance. Aluminum siding costs anywhere from $2 to $5 per square foot.


The traditional appeal of a brick-sided home is undeniable. People who want to finish their home in this durable material will find that it’s available at a price point ranging from $6 to $12 per square foot.

Brick has a way of evoking a sense of elegance, but the installation process can be time-consuming. Much of the cost associated with a brick exterior stems from the labor-intensive process it requires.

While some homes are constructed with brick for the exterior finish and supporting walls, other homeowners opt to install a brick veneer that is exclusively a siding finish — it does not support the home’s structure in any way. Both options prove to be wonderfully durable and long-lasting.

When it comes to maintenance, brick doesn’t require much. A pressure wash every once in a while is all it takes to keep the brick siding looking its best.  

Synthetic Stone

Homeowners who want to lean towards a natural-appearing finish will find synthetic stone to be a delightful choice. While it’s not recommended for full exterior coverage, it’s often used as accent siding.

Created from a mix of sand, aggregate, and cement, synthetic stone siding looks very much like its natural counterpart. Unlike real stone, synthetic stone provides a lightweight alternative that makes the installation process more efficient.

Synthetic stone siding is often for installation along the bottom portion of a home or on the chimney. Its fire and pest-resistant qualities are appealing, but its price point is worth keeping in mind. Synthetic stone siding is available for about $12 to $25 per square foot.

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