Unlock Advanced Strategies and Tools for Sustainable Success in Custom Home Building & Land Development, Tailored for both New and Seasoned Contractors


The Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy is an immersive 6-week program tailored for builder-developers seeking to master advanced strategies in mindset, land acquisition, custom home building, team leadership, sales, and financial management. This program is also ideal for those looking to add custom home building and land development as additional revenue streams, even if they have no prior experience in construction.

Meet AJ Hoover
From Cocoa Beach, FL - Transformed from under $1m in remodeling jobs to over $10m in new home construction after working with Dave.



COVID-19 Update

Because we have been leveraging technology such as zoom for years, we can efficiently help you with less face to face meetings. When face to face meetings are required we adhere to COVID-19 guidelines by wearing face masks.




Essential tools and templates you will have completed with expert guidance from this program:
Meet Tiago Goncalves
From Boston, MA - Transformed from having no jobs to having a multi-million dollar remodeling company and adding a custom homes division after working with Dave.
Amazing outcomes and clear results you can expect by the end of this program:

Imagine the sense of control and freedom you’ll experience with these powerful tools and strategies seamlessly integrated into your life and business.

Whether you’re already successful or currently navigating chaos and stress, can you see how having professional guidance in creating these documents and achieving these outcomes will clearly elevate your success and simplify your life?



As you journey through each week, envision these powerful tools and strategies flawlessly melding with your business operations. Starting with cultivating a strategic mindset and advancing through enhancing sales techniques and refining financial management, every session is meticulously crafted to boost your success and streamline your operations, transforming the way you manage your business and enhancing the quality of your life.

Each week features a 90-minute live session followed by a 60-minute Q&A session. To accommodate all participants, the dates and times for each session will vary, ensuring maximum live attendance. All sessions will be recorded and made available in the portal for convenient access. The Bonus Day includes a comprehensive 5-hour workshop. For those joining in-person in Waterford, CT, the day will extend with a 3-hour field trip to various Reagan Homes sites, culminating in a VIP party at James Nicholas’ private residence.

Week 1: Strategic Winning Mindset & Business Foundation

Developing a Winning Mindset & Business Strategy

Overview: Kick off the program by developing a powerful mindset and a solid business foundation.

Key Takeaways: Learn visualization, goal setting, strategic planning, and establish your core values and business purpose.

Week 2: Advanced Land Acquisition & Deal Structuring

Expert Land Acquisition Tactics With Minimal To No Investment

Overview: Master the art of securing and structuring lucrative land deals without having to use credit, your money or investor money.

Key Takeaways: Acquire advanced negotiation techniques, learn to leverage land options, and understand creative financing.

Week 3: Advanced Custom Home Building Operations

Streamlining Operations & Design Excellence For Less Stress

Overview: Optimize your custom home building processes and embrace innovative design strategies with AI and 3D Renderings.

Key Takeaways: Enhance workflow efficiency, integrate technology, and navigate permitting and compliance effectively.

Week 4: Building a High-Performance Team

Communication, Leadership & Team Dynamics

Overview: Develop exceptional leadership and communication skills to build a cohesive, high-performing team.

Key Takeaways: Learn advanced communication, effective delegation, and establish a productive team meeting schedule.

Week 5: Sales Mastery for Successful Builder Developers

Warming Up Leads & Mastering Initial Consultations To Yes

Overview: Enhance your sales techniques to convert more leads into clients quickly and effectively.

Key Takeaways: Improve initial contact strategies, perfect your consultation, and streamline your sales process.

Week 6: Maximizing Profitability & Financial Management

Advanced Financial Strategies For More Predictability

Overview: Implement advanced financial strategies to sustain and grow your profitability more predictability.

Key Takeaways: Optimize cash flow, manage change orders efficiently, and enhance your financial reporting practices.

Week 7 Bonus Session: Leveraging Free AI Tools for Custom Home Builders

Maximizing Efficiency, Engagement & Better Decisions with AI Tools

Overview: Discover how free AI tools, including ChatGPT, Google Analytics with AI-Driven Insights, Zoom AI, Synthesia, and others, can transform the custom home building industry. These tools boost operational efficiency, enhance client communications, and facilitate smarter business decisions.

Key Takeaways: Gain practical skills to automate routine tasks, improve client interactions, analyze important market and project data effectively, and leverage AI for advanced project management, including real-time updates and predictive analytics.

Week 8 Bonus Session: Automation & CRM Management Best Practices

Optimizing CRM Usage for Superior & Faster Communications and Lead Management

Overview: Delve into the best practices for leveraging CRM systems and automating processes to optimize lead management, improve client service, and ensure consistent communication across all channels.

Key Takeaways: Learn both fundamental and advanced automation techniques for capturing leads and conducting follow-ups. Utilize your CRM to track interactions effectively, deliver swift personalized services, and maintain efficient and consistent communication with clients.

Interactive In-Person or Virtual Bonus Day: Exclusive to the First 50 Enrollees*

Practical Application & Personalized Expert Support

Overview: This exclusive bonus day offers hands-on interaction, whether in-person or virtual, providing a dynamic workshop environment where you can finalize your customized tools and engage directly with experts for tailored support.

Key Takeaways: You'll have the opportunity to review all course deliverables in detail, resolve specific queries through direct expert guidance, and participate in practical exercises designed to reinforce and solidify your learning. This session ensures you leave fully equipped to implement your new skills effectively.


If you attend in-person, you will also get to visit homesites with Dave and meet some of his team.

Event is planned for August 3rd in Waterford, CT.


Discover the Impact: Real Coaching, Real Results, Real Excitement

Dive into the dynamic world of the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy through our exclusive video collection. These aren’t just interviews; they’re real snippets of coaching sessions, heartfelt success stories, and live Q&A interactions that bring to life the transformative journey our students undergo. From thrilling first deals worth over $1 million to personal breakthroughs that redefine careers, each video captures the essence of what we do.

Why Watch These Interviews?

  • Celebrate Real Wins: Join in the excitement with students who share their triumphs, from securing their first land option deals to closing major contracts. Witness the communal celebration and feel the contagious enthusiasm that fuels every member of our academy.

  • Insights from Live Coaching: See our expert instructors, including Dave and James, in action as they provide real-time feedback and guidance that leads to these significant breakthroughs. 

  • Learn from Peers: Hear directly from students like the two brothers who found a new way to collaborate effectively, thanks to our coaching. Learn how they overcame challenges and leveraged their strengths for greater success. 

  • Visualize Your Path: Each video, whether a few minutes long or an extensive hour-long session, is packed with motivational and educational insights that show you the potential paths your career could take.  

Explore these inspiring videos and see for yourself how our academy acts as a catalyst for professional and personal transformation. Each story is not just a testimonial; it’s a narrative of possibility and immense opportunity. There’s every reason to believe that you could be our next featured success story.

Dave Tetlow of Tetlow Homes in Connecticut
Coaching Session During the Approval Process: Following Up From the Heart to Get Permits and $150k Wire Faster
Amzie & Elva Lehman of Lehman Construction in Indiana
Coaching Session Zoom Sales Consultation Critique and Feedback & How to Lead The Prospect to the Next Step
Jeff Walsh of Walsh Design & Build in Illinois and Florida
Breakdown of Land Option Process on How Jeff Sold a Lot in 21 days That a Realtor Was Previously Trying to Sell for 10 years

We have more clips and full Q & A calls available upon request.


When you join the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy, we do more than just teach; we empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. Our approach is designed not only to eliminate limiting beliefs and mindset blocks but also to propel you toward success. Our commitment extends beyond traditional training, underpinned by a strong belief in your potential to excel. We are fully invested in your journey to win, both professionally and personally.

That’s why we offer Our Winning Commitment Guarantee. We are so confident in your success and our program that if you do not secure a land option within three months after completing our course, we will continue to stand by you. You will receive an additional three months of support at no extra cost, which includes personalized coaching, access to exclusive educational webinars, and further strategic resources, all crafted to ensure you secure that first critical land option.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at business achievements; it encompasses your entire life. We are dedicated to supporting your professional growth and personal development, guiding you on the path to a fulfilling and prosperous future. As you build momentum, we are confident in your continued success and are excited to be part of your journey.

Trust in our guarantee; embrace our support, and let’s achieve greatness together.


Dave Reagan

35+ Year Master Builder Developer

Dave Overseeing the Build: General Contracting in Action 🙂

Dave Reagan is a renowned land developer and builder with over 35 years of impactful success in the Mystic, CT area. Dave’s clients in the custom home sector deeply appreciate his guidance and expertise throughout the construction process. Known for his unique value engineering and efficient design, Dave not only saves his clients money but also significantly cuts down project timelines. His ability to persuade and coordinate subcontractors ensures that jobs are completed faster without compromising on quality. This aspect of his professional skills is highly valued, making him a much loved friend among homeowners.

Dave and His Son Michael: Capturing Early Days in the Building Career

Dave is passionate about sharing his industry secrets with other builders nationwide, aiming to empower them to deliver their clients’ dream homes. His enthusiasm for teaching and mentorship, particularly within the building industry, helps cultivate a community of success-minded professionals.

Dave Leading a Hands-On Land Development Workshop

Throughout his career, Dave has instilled a winning mindset in individuals around the globe. His strategies, noted for their logical simplicity, are easily adoptable by both seasoned builders and novices alike, effectively demystifying complex real estate processes. This approach not only simplifies the learning curve but also allows his students to begin profiting from their custom home builds right from the start.

Catching Up with AJ in Sunny Cocoa Beach, FL

A pioneer in his field, Dave has built a formidable reputation for teaching how to structure deals with minimal initial capital investment and without the need for credit or investor financing. His innovative approach to land development and mastery of unique financing strategies set him apart from other real estate educators.

Dave Delivering an Inspiring Talk at Harvard

Dave’s personal development expertise is further enhanced by training with luminaries such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Brendan Burchard, positioning him among the world’s top mindset coaches and motivators. His dynamic teaching methodology inspires students to confidently implement new skills and see immediate results in their real estate ventures.

Dave Supporting Tiago Through His Transformation Journey

Beyond professional achievements, Dave is a devoted family man, a father to three wonderful children—Mike, Thomas, and Kate—and a loving husband to his wife, Cheryl. He is a cherished friend and mentor, not only to his family but to many in his community. Dave takes great joy in mentoring youth and actively gives back to his local community. Witnessing others surpass their expectations and achieve greatness in their business and personal lives brings Dave immense fulfillment.

Joyful Family Gathering: Cherishing Dinner Moments Together
Dave in His Element: Celebrating with Music
Game Night Excitement: Cheering on the Celtics with Kate and Cheryl

James Nicholas

30+ Year Serial Entrepreneur

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Speaking at Harvard Entrepreneurship Club

From the tender age of 10, James Nicholas has exhibited a strong entrepreneurial spirit, beginning with selling baseball cards, shoveling snow, and mowing lawns miles from his home. This early drive was a clear indicator of his deep-seated desire to succeed and to help others achieve their goals. By the age of 15, James had already launched his own web design and web hosting company from his parents’ basement—his mother driving him to his first business appointment. Throughout high school and college, he continued to expand his business, and after graduating from Bryant University in 2003, he further broadened his offerings to include marketing.

James with Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy

James’s passion for direct response marketing deepened through his studies and direct work with Dan Kennedy, a globally respected business consultant and copywriter. Dan, known for his involvement in starting, building, buying, selling, and profiting from over 100 businesses, and authoring more than 30 business and success books, significantly influenced James. His prowess in the field was nationally recognized in 2013 when he was awarded Marketer of the Year by the world’s largest direct response marketing organization, boasting over 40,000 members and led by Dan Kennedy at the time.

Jet-Setting: Flying Private to Another Exciting Conference

By 2019, James had expanded his marketing agency to approximately 40 team members and $4 million in annual revenue, leading to its successful sale to a private equity firm. During the last five years of his ownership, James consistently achieved impressive profit margins ranging from 33% to 42%. Remarkably, in his final year at the helm, he managed the company on as little as 5 hours per week, maintaining a high team satisfaction and achieving a 98.9% client retention rate.

Celebrating Success with Clients on Lake Michigan

Following the sale of his company for a substantial multi-seven-figure exit, James has delivered transformative consultancy services to Dave Reagan and a wide array of contractors nationwide. His foray into the construction industry has not only included strategic consulting but also hands-on roles in selling custom homes and overseeing residential projects.

Hands-On General Contracting: At My Home 🙂

James uniquely merges a robust sales, marketing and financial background with practical experience in building and managing a successful organization through to its sale, along with working hands-on as a general contractor.

Celebrating Carter's First Golf Tournament Victory

Beyond his professional achievements, James is renowned for his empathy, kindness, and warmth, qualities that make him easily approachable. He delights in bringing joy and laughter to those around him. A devoted father to his son, Carter, and a loving husband to his wonderful wife, Jennifer, James takes immense pride in the successes of his clients and friends, celebrating their victories in life and business.

Perfecting the Swing: A Fun Day At Newport Country Club
Making Waves: Boating Adventures with Carter

Josh Wheeler

25+ Year Serial Entrepreneur

Master of Marketing, AI, Automation, and Systems

Josh Wheeler, a lifelong resident of Ohio, is a distinguished businessman and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to helping others achieve their dreams and attain financial freedom through entrepreneurship. He is a loving husband to Rebecca and a proud father to three beautiful children: Malachi, Makayla, and Mason.

Cherishing Moments: Family Time in Nature

Josh’s journey into the world of business began at a young age, working in his parents’ sign shop. His early exposure to entrepreneurship ignited a passion that led him to study Small Business Entrepreneurship and Business Management at Ohio University. However, recognizing the value of real-world experience over textbook learning, Josh decided to leave college early and focus on the family business.

In the video recording studio

With over 20 years of expertise in direct response and digital marketing, Josh has established himself as a world-class marketer. His initial foray into marketing was driven by a desire to help his family’s sign business grow, a mission that quickly expanded to include their clients. Over the years, Josh has owned and operated sign and custom apparel companies, marketing agencies, and AI and automation consulting firms. Under his guidance, his team has managed over $100 million in ad spend for clients, showcasing his ability to drive significant results.

Inspiring Success: Address Top markets at the 7 Figure Agency Digital Marketing Conference

Josh is renowned for his thought leadership and has influenced thousands of businesses with his innovative strategies. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and educational events across the country, ensuring his clients remain on the cutting edge of industry developments. His commitment to continuous learning and improvement is evident in his regular attendance at conferences and continuing education events.

Building Connections:
Networking Dinner at the Conference

Josh not only teaches what he believes in but also offers comprehensive done-for-you services. His team, under his expert guidance, can execute marketing and business strategies for clients, allowing business owners to benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience without the need to handle everything themselves.

Leading the Charge: Sharing Insights at the 7 Figure Agency Conference

As a respected thought leader, Josh combines his deep knowledge of systems, automation, and AI to provide unparalleled consulting services. His approach to marketing and business development is not only about achieving financial success but also about helping others realize their full potential.

Family Treasures: A Moment Together

Josh’s favorite quotes reflect his philosophy on life and business:

“There are only 3 colors, 10 digits, and 7 notes; it’s what we do with them that’s important.” – Jim Rohn

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

These quotes encapsulate Josh’s belief in the limitless possibilities of creativity and the importance of perspective in achieving greatness.

A Proud Moment: Signing for the Future

In addition to his professional achievements, Josh is known for his deep passion for helping people grow. His ability to implement cutting-edge systems and automation solutions has earned him a reputation as a genius in the field. Josh’s dedication to his clients’ success and his unwavering commitment to excellence make him a cherished mentor in the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy.


Unlock Your Potential for Substantial Returns

Investing in the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy is not just a purchase—it’s an investment in your future success. Whether you are venturing into new areas or looking to enhance your existing business, the skills and strategies you will learn here can be applied to increase profitability and efficiency. For those already operating businesses, this program offers valuable insights and techniques that can be immediately implemented to enhance your operational success and profitability. With typical client deals in our network yielding returns ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, the ROI potential of applying what you learn in our program is substantial. Our graduates have consistently seen significant returns on their investments, usually recouping their course fees with a single transaction post-completion.

Pricing and Payment Options

We strive to make this transformative program accessible, offering several payment options to suit different financial needs:

  • One-time payment: $10,000 (Best Value) 
  • Two installments: $5,400 each  
  • Four monthly installments: $2,850 each  

These flexible payment plans are designed to help you manage the investment at your convenience without delaying your educational progress.  We accept all major credit cards.

Remember, the skills and strategies you will acquire have proven to drive significant financial returns, making this an investment that pays for itself. Enroll now to start building towards your next big success.


Special Incentives for our First 50 Enrollees


Exclusive Bonus Day: Practical Application & Personalized Expert Support

Overview: Join us for a dynamic bonus day that provides hands-on interaction and personalized guidance, available both in-person and virtually. This workshop is designed to ensure you can apply what you’ve learned effectively and with confidence.

Tentative Agenda for Saturday, August 3, 2024:

  • Review and Finalization (9 AM to 12:30 PM): Dive deep into your customized tools and templates with expert guidance to ensure everything is optimized for your success. 
  • **Lunch Break (12:30 PM to 1:30 PM): Enjoy a meal and casual networking with fellow attendees.  
  • **Field Trip to Reagan Homes Sites (1:30 PM to 4:30 PM – In-person attendees): Experience the real-world applications of your new skills with a guided tour of successful home building operations.  
  • **VIP Dinner Party at James Nicholas’ Residence (4:30 PM onwards): Relax and network with peers and experts in a welcoming and informal setting. 

** For those attending in-person only

Exclusive Early Bird Offer:

  • Enroll by May 31: Secure your spot early and receive 12 months of complimentary access to the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Marketing Suite, valued at $3,600. This includes advanced Website and CRM services essential for managing your client interactions efficiently and building trust and credibility with your prospects, setting you apart as their preferred custom home builder.

Mastermind, Network and Enjoy an Exclusive VIP Dinner with Industry Experts & Professionals at James's Private Residence












Pool Table Room

Pool Table Room
Golf Sim Room

Golf Sim Room

Walk-in Cigar Humidor














































Step into this 10,000+ sq ft ultimate entertaining haven and expand your horizons. This venue in Waterford, CT has hosted hundreds of millions of dollars in deals, and you’ll feel the aura of success permeating every corner. Above, you see the transformation captured in before, during, and after photos of the three-year, multi-million dollar project, meticulously designed and managed by James and Dave. Experience the excellence firsthand and envision achieving your own grand ambitions.


These offers are designed to reward early commitment and significantly enhance your learning experience and professional capabilities. The in-person components provide an unparalleled opportunity to translate theory into practice. For those unable to attend in person, a virtual attendance option ensures you still experience this valuable training. With our comprehensive digital tools and Our Winning Commitment Guarantee, we ensure you have all the support needed to succeed well beyond the conclusion of the course.





You will master advanced strategies and tools to elevate your custom home building and land development business. Our program covers everything from securing land options with minimal capital to employing cutting-edge marketing techniques. Each session is designed to not only teach but also to apply these strategies in real-world settings, enhancing both your professional skills and personal growth.

The Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy is perfectly suited for both new and veteran contractors. Whether you aim to enhance your existing business practices or embark on a journey into custom home building and land development for the first time, our program is designed to facilitate success at every level. If you possess a strong desire to succeed and are committed to learning and applying new strategies, you will thrive both during and after our program.

The Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy may not be suitable for everyone. This program is not for individuals who frequently make excuses, complain, or fail to hold themselves accountable. We cultivate a community of success-driven and positive individuals who are proactive about their growth and dedicated to achieving their goals. If you are not prepared to engage actively and embrace the rigorous process of self-improvement and business development, this program might not meet your expectations. While we provide comprehensive guidance and show you exactly what needs to be done, the commitment to act and implement these strategies must come from you.

You have several opportunities to engage and ask questions throughout the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy:

  • During Live Sessions: For those attending the live Zoom sessions, you are encouraged to ask questions as the content is presented. This allows for a dynamic learning environment where you can gain clarity in real time.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions: We hold a dedicated Q&A session each week, which you can attend live on Zoom. If you cannot attend live, you are welcome to submit your questions in advance and watch the replay at your convenience.
  • Online Community Group: During the live course, you will also have access to a special online community group. This platform is an excellent place to pose questions, interact with fellow participants, and receive additional support from instructors and peers alike.

These varied platforms are meticulously designed to ensure you receive comprehensive support, enabling you to fully grasp and apply the course materials, regardless of your schedule or time zone. To maximize live attendance, we will vary the days and times of the calls. All session dates and times will be announced during our first class on June 12th at 7 PM EST.

We offer several flexible payment options to accommodate your financial needs:

  • One-time Payment: Make a single payment of $10,000 and focus entirely on your learning journey.
  • Two Installments: Opt for two payments of $5,400, spaced out to ease your budget.
  • Four Installments: Choose our most flexible plan, with four monthly payments of $2,850 each, charged to your major credit card.

All program costs are included in your enrollment fee. There are no hidden fees or additional costs for the materials provided during the course. Optional in-person events may involve travel and accommodation costs, depending on your location.

All sessions are recorded and will be available in the course portal for you to review at your convenience. This ensures that you can stay up-to-date with the course material even if you miss a live session.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the classroom. If you do not secure a land option within three months post-completion, we offer an additional three months of support at no extra cost. This includes personalized coaching, exclusive webinars, and access to strategic resources to ensure you achieve this critical milestone.

The first 50 enrollees will have the opportunity to join us for a bonus day either in-person or virtually. This day includes practical applications of the course content, personalized expert support, and a field trip to real development sites for in-person attendees. This is an invaluable chance to see the theories learned in action and to network with industry leaders and peers.

The Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy, while presented with this specific curriculum for the first time, is grounded in a solid foundation of proven success. Our instructors, Dave, James, and Josh, boast decades of combined experience in teaching and hands-on application in the fields of land development, custom home building, marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Each instructor has not only successfully guided numerous clients to substantial achievements across various market conditions but has also excelled in their respective careers.

This curriculum is crafted based on the latest market insights and is enriched with real-world success stories and case studies from our previous coaching engagements. Furthermore, the content draws upon the vast array of knowledge from hundreds of events, study systems, audio trainings, and online courses. Dave, Josh, and James have invested millions in their own continuing education, ensuring that they bring only the most effective and proven strategies to the table.

By enrolling in this program, you gain access to fresh, powerful content that is meticulously tailored to meet current industry standards and challenges. The curriculum is designed to be cutting-edge, relevant, and highly effective across diverse economic landscapes. With the enduring success and expertise of our seasoned instructors backing this updated approach, we are confident that you will be empowered with the tools and insights needed to excel, regardless of the economic climate.


Have questions? Let's Talk 🙂

Choosing the right educational program is a significant decision, and we understand that you might have questions before committing. To help you make an informed choice, we offer personal consultation calls with our trusted advisor, Zak Corrigan. Zak has extensive knowledge of the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy and is ready to assist you in understanding how this program can fit your personal and professional growth goals.

Meet Our WB Developer Success Advisor:

Zak Corrigan

Zak’s deep roots in his family’s construction business have equipped him with a profound understanding of construction and custom home building. Building upon this foundation, he founded Corrigan Homes, applying the principles and methods he learned from James and Dave.

At Wealthy Builder, Zak’s extensive collaboration with Dave and James has further honed his expertise in business strategy and development. Renowned for his passion for empowering others, Zak offers invaluable insights that can help you harness the Wealthy Builder Developer Success Academy to transform your life and propel your success to unprecedented heights. As a dependable advisor, Zak is dedicated to assisting you in making well-considered choices tailored to your unique needs.

Why Schedule a Call?

A personal call allows you to:

  • Discuss your specific professional objectives and challenges. 
  • Gain insights into how the academy’s curriculum addresses your needs.  
  • Understand the different payment options and find one that suits your budget.      

Whether you have talked to Zak before or are reaching out for the first time, they are here to provide the clarity you need. 

We look forward to addressing all your questions and helping you make a decision that could transform your professional and personal life.




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