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Bobby Gennotti

Experienced Contractor at Reagan Homes & Advisor at Wealthy Builder

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Bobby Gennotti brings a unique and diverse background to his role as an advisor at Wealthy Builder. With over a year of hands-on experience at Reagan Homes, he has gained invaluable insights into land development and custom home building under the mentorship of Dave Reagan. Bobby’s multifaceted career has equipped him with a wide range of skills and expertise, making him an asset to those looking to thrive in the builder developer industry.

At Wealthy Builder, Bobby leverages his comprehensive experience to help clients understand and utilize the Wealthy Builder programs to their fullest potential. His diverse professional history includes:

  • VP of Business Development at Gold’s Gym International: Bobby successfully partnered with national and local businesses, hospitals, municipalities, schools, and various organizations to expand the membership base through targeted market strategies.
  • Senior Loan Officer and Business Partner at Affordable Mortgage: He qualified and pre-underwrote mortgage applications for various loan types, including owner-occupied, VA, FHA, first-time buyer, refinance, construction/renovation, land purchases, and investment properties.
  • Business Consultant: Bobby worked with owners, managers, executives, and employees across different industries to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, developing action plans aligned with company objectives.
  • Real Estate Investor: He purchased, renovated, and managed multiple single-family homes and condominiums, gaining hands-on experience in real estate investment.
  • Creative Director and Senior Account Manager at Hopkins Advertising: Bobby supervised the creative department, developing marketing campaigns for national clients across television, radio, and print mediums.
  • Commercial Construction at Benaka Inc.: He assisted the project manager in working with various contractors and subcontractors on a U.S. Naval Base, ensuring compliance with government guidelines and specifications.

Bobby’s commitment to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and established professionals alike is evident in his tailored approach to advisory. He combines his extensive knowledge from diverse fields to offer strategic insights and practical solutions, ensuring clients can successfully navigate the complexities of custom home building and land development.

Engage with Bobby at Wealthy Builder to learn how his breadth of experience can help you achieve your goals and maximize your success in the builder developer industry. To schedule a complimentary phone or Zoom call, please follow the instructions below.

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