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  • Nationwide Networking:

    Connect with Like-Minded Professionals: Engage with contractors and investors across the US in a dedicated, distraction-free community platform—not on Facebook. Share insights, experiences, and opportunities to enhance your business network.

  • Exclusive Access to Expert Knowledge:

    Monthly Special Guest Expert Zoom Calls: Gain invaluable insights from a diverse array of industry leaders, including realtors, designers, architects, surveyors, personal finance experts and others. These sessions are specifically designed to keep you at the forefront of the construction and development industry, covering a broad spectrum of topics that impact your business. Each expert brings unique perspectives and actionable advice, helping you navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities effectively.

  • Advanced Marketing Insights:

    Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls on Website & Marketing: Dive deep into the latest marketing strategies and ad technologies to attract and retain clients effectively, ensuring your marketing efforts deliver maximum ROI. In these sessions, we will also guide you on how to update your website and create engaging video content for social media. Additionally, we'll explore both offline and online marketing strategies that are cost-effective, allowing you to achieve great results without the need for a high-priced marketing agency. This comprehensive approach ensures you're well-equipped to handle all aspects of marketing your business efficiently.

  • Operational Excellence:

    Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls on AI, Operations, Automation, & CRM: Explore cutting-edge tools and techniques in AI and automation to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency across your projects. Master your CRM and other digital tools through dedicated sessions designed to enhance both your management skills and your team’s performance. Learn how to implement automation in routine tasks to free up your team for more complex activities, fostering a strong team dynamic that boosts productivity and drives project success. These sessions provide a comprehensive approach to modernizing your operations and ensuring you remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

  • Sales Mastery:

    Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls on Sales Techniques & Client Acquisition: Learn how to close deals faster and more efficiently with expert advice on refining your sales processes and client interactions. Additionally, these sessions include live reviews and critiques of actual sales calls submitted by members. This real-world application ensures you not only learn effective sales strategies but also see how they are applied in practical scenarios, helping you fine-tune your approach based on constructive feedback.

  • Financial Management:

    Monthly Zoom Calls on Finance, Budgeting & Cash Flow: Equip yourself with the knowledge to manage your finances better, budget accurately, and create predictable cash flow systems for your business stability. Additionally, these sessions will cover effective strategies for pricing custom homes to ensure increased profitability. We will also delve into financial goal setting and discuss optimal timing for price adjustments based on market conditions and your business growth. These insights will help you make informed decisions that sustain and enhance your financial health.

  • Mindset Development:

    Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls on Mindset: Foster a growth mindset with sessions focused on personal development, resilience, and strategic thinking to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Surround yourself with positive influences by connecting with other business leaders within our community. These interactions are crucial as constant engagement with forward-thinking, optimistic individuals can significantly impact your personal and professional growth. Regularly working on your mindset is essential for sustained success, and our community provides the support and inspiration needed to keep pushing forward.

  • Interactive Q&A Sessions:

    Q&A Portion on Every Call for Deal Evaluation & Other Important Questions: Have your pressing questions answered and discuss your potential deals in our open office sessions. Take advantage of real-time opportunities to receive expert guidance on evaluating and optimizing your deals, ensuring you're always supported and confident in your decisions.

  • Monthly Mastermind Call:

    Monthly Hot Seat Mastermind Call for Peer Feedback and Expert Guidance: Share your biggest opportunities or challenges in our exclusive mastermind sessions. Receive valuable feedback from fellow participants and expert insights to help you navigate your most significant projects. This collaborative environment ensures you gain diverse perspectives and actionable advice, empowering you to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities with confidence.

  • Engagement & Rewards:

    Leaderboard & Rewards: Stay motivated and engaged through our community leaderboard, where active participation can win you exclusive rewards like one-on-one calls with Dave and other industry experts.

  • Continued Learning:

    Ongoing Training in the Member’s Area: Access a wealth of additional training resources in our members' area, continuously updated to provide you with the latest information and tools. This includes special topics that are timely and relevant to current events affecting builders, as well as sessions tailored to specific needs and requests from our community members. These additions ensure that you stay informed and equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of the building industry.

  • Flexible Scheduling & Access:

    Flexible Call Times & On-Demand Replays: Calls are scheduled at various times to accommodate different schedules, and all sessions are recorded and available as replays in the members' area along with a calendar of events and necessary links for easy participation.

  • Trusted Vendor Rolodex/Contacts:

    Access a Curated List of Industry Vendors: Leverage our extensive and constantly updated rolodex of trusted industry contacts, including investors, mortgage companies, financing firms, designers, and vendors for online advertising, signage, and more. This exclusive resource is meticulously curated to save you time and connect you with reputable service providers who understand the unique needs of builders and developers. Regular updates ensure you always have access to the best and most relevant contacts in the industry.

  • Partner Discounts and Offers:

    Exclusive Member Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers from a wide range of industry-related partners, including suppliers, software providers, and service companies. Our negotiated deals help reduce your operational costs and enhance your bottom line, making your membership in the Builder Developer Success Community not just enriching but also economical.

  • Investment Opportunities:

    Explore Collaborative Ventures: Gain access to unique investment opportunities shared within our community. Whether you're looking for funding for a new project or interested in joint ventures, our platform connects you with potential investors and partners. This feature facilitates the growth of your business through collaborative efforts and shared resources, helping you expand your reach and impact in the industry.

  • Portfolio Showcase:

    Showcase Your Work & Gain Visibility: Elevate your brand and attract new clients by displaying your completed projects in our exclusive Portfolio Showcase. This platform allows you to share detailed case studies, beautiful imagery, and insights into your building processes, showcasing your expertise and successes. It's an excellent opportunity for peer recognition and to inspire others in the community, while also serving as a dynamic portfolio for prospective clients and partners browsing the community.


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