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Dave Reagan

30+ Year Builder Developer at Reagan Homes and
Wealthy Builder Co-Founder & Advisor

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Because we have been leveraging technology such as zoom for years, we can efficiently help you with less face to face meetings. When face to face meetings are required we adhere to COVID-19 guidelines by wearing face masks.

With over 30 years of expertise in building custom homes in Mystic, CT, Dave Reagan has perfected the art of crafting exceptional living spaces. He has refined his selling process, utilizing tools like Zoom, texting, and email to efficiently close deals on custom homes. Leading projects that consistently achieve substantial profits—typically ranging from 20% to 30% per home—Dave’s financial acumen shines, with profits varying from $50,000 to over $500,000 depending on the project size. Annually, Dave builds between 5 and 10 homes, managing these projects without the need to finance construction or risk building on spec. He typically secures his profits upfront in the project, significantly reducing financial risk while enhancing efficiency.

As the co-founder of Wealthy Builder, Dave channels his passion beyond construction by mentoring remodelers and trades professionals. He equips them to integrate custom home building into their business models, helping significantly boost their net income by $75,000 to $500,000 or more. His strategic approaches focus on achieving market dominance with minimal initial investments, enabling many to secure land with little to no personal financial outlay.

Dave’s commitment to his mentees transcends traditional business metrics; he is driven by a profound desire to see them lead enriched, fulfilling lives. He fosters a transformative mindset, encouraging builders to think innovatively and adopt behaviors that catalyze both personal and professional growth, leading to significant financial and personal wealth.

Beyond his professional life, Dave is deeply committed to mentoring youth and inspiring people of all ages. He believes in the limitless potential of every individual to achieve and surpass their goals, providing the necessary tools and support to turn those dreams into reality.

Dave also finds joy and connection in music, a passionate musician who loves playing the guitar and singing, especially during karaoke sessions. His belief in music’s power to heal and unite further illustrates his multifaceted personality.

Having personally built over 250 homes in the Mystic area, Dave values the moments families create in their new homes. His broader vision involves being part of at least 1,000 custom home builds through the Wealthy Builder Community, impacting not just the builders he directly mentors but also the families that create lifelong memories in these homes. Together with his friend and co-founder James Nicholas, Dave is eager to motivate and support you in attracting high-quality custom home clients, helping you work less, earn more, and enjoy greater freedom.

Dave’s approachable nature and dedication to mentoring are instrumental in empowering both novice and seasoned builders through Wealthy Builder. He looks forward to learning about your goals and assisting you in your journey. To discuss how Dave can help you reach your aspirations, follow the instructions below to schedule a phone or Zoom call with him. Below, you can also view more photos of Dave to get to know him better.

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