Fireplace Options For Your Home

There is nothing better when chilly weather comes knocking than curling up by the hearth of your home’s fireplace. The hearth has been a gathering place for families, friends, and loved ones for centuries, and that hasn’t changed over time. Whether you’re in the market for a new custom home or considering a remodel/renovation of your existing home, if you want that cozy fireplace experience, there are more options to choose from than you may imagine. 

Depending on the size of your space, your family, and your specific needs, the fireplace you choose may vary.

What To Do First

Before deciding on a fireplace, you’ll want to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Fireplaces vary depending on fuel type, materials, sizes, and styles. You may be fantasizing about a wood-burning fireplace, but your space is more suited for a gas or electric unit. With so many options, it really comes down to evaluating your space and your needs to make the most informed choice.

Wood Burning Fireplace

When you picture a fireplace, a wood burning fireplace is typically what comes to mind. The crackling of a wood fireplace provides a cozy ambiance that adds warmth and comfort to your space. There are many benefits to adding a wood-burning unit to your home as it can be nostalgic and can make your space feel more inviting. 

A wood-burning fireplace does require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it functional and free of excessive ash. Wood and fire starters can add up a little bit in price and these hearths tend to take up a good bit of room, so it is recommended to take your space into account when considering this option. 

Gas Fireplace

These have been a popular option for several decades as they take the wood-burning aspect and turn it on its head. They are a lower-cost option that is ultimately safer as the fire is more contained. The ignition of the wood is through a gas line and the fire dies out as soon as the gas is turned off.  

Gas fireplaces require less cleaning than wood burning fireplaces, and there is no need for wood or fire starters to a fire burning. They require simply a gas line that can be fueled by natural gas or propane. They do need a way to vent, such as a chimney but they can easily be customized for your space. 

Additionally, gas fireplaces can be ignited with a click of a button from a remote or even your smartphone.

Electric Fireplace

Currently, these units require even less maintenance and consideration than their gas-fueled counterparts. They are powered through heating coils that have been built into the unit and they don’t require a fuel line or cleaning. Because they are entirely electric, they don’t need logs or kindling and can be customized with different inserts to add interest to your room’s aesthetic design.

They can often be controlled via remote so you can keep a fire burning as long as you like and don’t need to be constantly watching it. Because there’s no ventilation needed, you can install one of these beauties in any room of the house. They pose less of a safety hazard for your little ones as well. 

Electric fireplaces have come a long way in aesthetics and there are even water vapor electric fireplaces to give a 3D realistic looking flame. There are models that do not put out any heat if you are looking for pure aesthetics. Such models allow for combustible materials such as wood or sheetrock to be near the electric fireplace with no problem. 

If you are looking to have A/V components such as a TV or soundbar very close to the fireplace, an electric fireplace may be your best choice.

How We Can Help

Whichever fireplace will suit your needs, we can help. There are many sizes and shapes available—from linear fireplaces which are becoming more popular to more traditional fireplaces.  

As part of your new custom home or existing home renovation/remodel we are happy to guide you in selecting the right fireplace or fireplaces for your home.

For more information, call us or click here to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.