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$2 Million Profits From An 8-Lot Subdivision

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Discover how Dave successfully implemented innovative land development strategies, leveraging insights shared in the video to secure profitable deals and address the current housing shortage in the U.S.

  • Strategic Implementation: Dave incorporated advanced negotiation tactics and comprehensive market analysis to secure lucrative land deals.
  • Marketing Excellence: He utilized targeted website marketing to attract potential clients and showcase available opportunities.
  • Focused Development: Dave concentrated on building custom homes to meet the growing demand amidst the U.S. housing shortage.


Key Insights

  1. Proven Negotiation Tactics: Dave applied the negotiation strategies and tactics discussed in the video, demonstrating their effectiveness in today’s market.
  2. Aligned Development Practices: He ensured that the land development and home building processes aligned seamlessly with best practices.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: The marketing techniques employed on the website significantly enhanced visibility and attracted potential clients.


Testing Strategy

  1. Thorough Testing: Dave conducted comprehensive testing of the new land development strategies to ensure they secured profitable deals.
  2. Real-World Validation: He tested the effectiveness of negotiation tactics in real-world scenarios to validate their impact.
  3. Performance Monitoring: Dave closely monitored the website’s performance post-implementation to assess the success of the marketing strategies in attracting potential clients.


Community Success

This example showcases what Dave accomplished, but there are members of our Wealthy Builder community throughout the country doing similar, smaller, and even bigger deals. You can achieve these types of deals too!

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The Place for Builder Developers to Achieve Wealth in All Areas of Life.


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Zak’s deep roots in his family’s construction business have equipped him with a profound understanding of construction and custom home building. Building upon this foundation, he founded Corrigan Homes, applying the principles and methods he learned from James and Dave.

At Wealthy Builder, Zak’s extensive collaboration with Dave and James has further honed his expertise in business strategy and development. Renowned for his passion for empowering others, Zak offers invaluable insights that can help you harness this program to transform your life and propel your success to unprecedented heights. As a dependable advisor, Zak is dedicated to assisting you in making well-considered choices tailored to your unique needs.