Simple Home Improvement Ideas You May Not Us For

Not every remodeling project requires you to hire us. Below is a list of simple and budget-friendly ideas to improve your home’s environment.  

  • Repaint your mail box—The mailbox is one of the first introductions someone gets when they come  to your home. The mailbox might like a small thing, but repainting, or changing your mailbox, might just be the glow up you need in your home.
  • Install new house numbers—Some homes don’t even have a house number. Adding or sprucing up your house numbers can help make your home feel more inviting. With more and more packages coming to your home, your delivery people will be grateful that you have upgraded your house numbers.
  • Repaint the interior of your home—Changing a room’s color can be an easy upgrade on your way to giving a room a new look and feel. 
  • Repaint or replace your front door—Changing the look of the entryway can help improve the overall look of your home.
  • Add an accent wall—Changing the color of one wall in your room can make a focal point, such as a fireplace, pop. 
  • Change up your landscaping—Investing in some new landscaping can certainly increase the curb appeal of your home and soften the entrance to your home. 
  • Add exterior lighting—Adding simple landscape lighting can help highlight your home
  • Rearrange furniture—Changing the placement of furniture can improve the flow of your room.
  • Replace furniture—Replacing or adding furniture to your living space can give your room a new look 
  • Add or replace an area rug—Changing out or adding an area rug can add color to your room.
  • Change out cabinet or door hardware—Swapping out cabinet or door hardware can give a fresh, updated look to your home.
  • Give your home a deep cleaning—From power washing the outside to cleaning the windows inside and out, a deep cleaning can help thoroughly spruce up your home’s appearance. 

For the above home improvement ideas, you certainly do not need to call us.  However, if you want to explore the idea of a more involved remodel or renovation of your existing home, or perhaps you are considering building a new custom home, call us or click here to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.