Discover how to control land and build custom homes with minimal to no investment, earning $50K to $250K+ per deal, regardless of your experience

Dave Reagan is a seasoned land developer and builder from New England, with over 35 years of industry success. Having mentored students from California to Connecticut, his methods have proven effective for both veteran builders and newcomers across various market conditions.

Dave’s system is tailored for those motivated to succeed in selling custom homes locally, with properties ranging from $250K to millions. Builders can expect to enjoy profit margins over 20%, while minimizing capital, risk, and competition.

As an experienced general contractor, Dave is ready to partner with new builders. For a one-time fee of just $20, gain lifetime access to his scripts, templates, training, and support. Click below to start your journey and unlock the secrets to proven success.

Dave Reagan

Owner & Founder of
Reagan Homes & Wealthy Builder

Earn over $100k+ Profit Per Deal

Leverage Dave's Proven System, Perfected Over 35+ Years

This proven system delivers results for seasoned builders and newcomers alike, coast to coast, from CA to CT.

Why is this complete system only $20?

Did You Know the U.S. Needs Over 6.5 Million New Homes?

Seize this outstanding opportunity to develop land and build homes—from one to hundreds annually. With current demand, you can achieve remarkable profitability and success as a builder-developer, even in challenging economic conditions (some of my most profitable years were during downturns like in 2008).

Here are some homes DAVE HAS built in Mystic, CT.


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The Place for Builder Developers to Achieve Wealth in All Areas of Life.


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COVID-19 Update

Because we have been leveraging technology such as zoom for years, we can efficiently help you with less face to face meetings. When face to face meetings are required we adhere to COVID-19 guidelines by wearing face masks.


Special Offer: Unlock Premier Training for a Fraction of the Price

Dave Tetlow of Tetlow Homes in Connecticut originally invested $2,000 in the very same program we’re now offering for just $20. This incredible offer at only $20 gives you access to the same transformative content that propelled Dave to secure multiple land options and close a custom home deal worth over $1 million. Since completing our program, Dave has dramatically advanced his business, demonstrating the undeniable value and practical impact of our training. Now, you have the unique opportunity to gain this same cutting-edge knowledge at 100 times less the cost. 

Dave Tetlow



Don’t miss your chance to follow in Dave Tetlow’s successful his story above and see how you, too, can achieve remarkable success.


Jeff Walsh of Walsh Design & Build (IL)


“I’m amazed by the custom home deals coming my way, even before fully implementing Dave’s options program. His system has been a game-changer in attracting clients!”

Amzie Lehman of Lehman Construction (IA)


Dave has been instrumental not just in our business strategies but also in enhancing our mindset. It’s refreshing to connect with other builders for honest advice, a stark contrast to our past experiences with business consultants.

JR Plante of Plante Custom Homes (CT)


“Our success in the custom home sector has been phenomenal, thanks to Dave’s invaluable guidance. He’s elevated our business, helping us achieve levels we never imagined possible!”


Nick Nelson of Nelson’s Construction (MN)


“We’re dominating the custom home market in our area, all thanks to Dave. His insights have propelled our business to new heights. We’re deeply grateful for the immense value he’s added!”

Kosta of TomKat Custom Homes (MD, VA, DC)


“Dave’s advice was key in transforming a spec home project into a lucrative custom home deal using the client’s funding. It’s a relief not having to finance the projects ourselves—thank you, Dave!”

Shortcut Your Success With Dave's Proven System As You Can Easily Get Your First Land Option In The Next Week.


Here's what you're receiving with your $20 investment in
Dave's Complete Blueprint System...

Deliverables With Lifetime Access -

Organized Step-By-Step Video Training -

You Get It All...For Only A One-Time Investment of $20

Now Is Your Time! Take Action, You Won’t Regret Investing In This System…GUARANTEED!

We’re confident you’ll find immense value in our system, especially for just $20. However, if you decide it’s not for you and want a refund, just email within 90 days of purchase for a hassle-free full refund. You have nothing to lose with our 100% money back guarantee.

Tap into the $300 billion new home construction market, where building just a handful of homes each year could net you $75K to $500K or more annually. Plus, boost your earnings further through land development.

The Place for Builder Developers to Achieve Wealth in All Areas of Life.

*Includes Dave’s land option agreement so you can control land with little to no money and not have to bid against other builders.

As a builder developer, gain freedom and reduce stress by serving fewer clients. Just like Dave and his students, we are confident that you too can achieve wealth in every aspect of your life.

Enjoy More Free Time
Have Better Experiences
Pay For College Educations
Travel When & Where You Want
Control Your Own Schedule So You Can Do What You Want When You Want
Be Present With Less Stress
Have More Fun
Have Full Autonomy & Flexibility
Help Your Clients Build The American Dream
Employ Great Team Members
Enjoy Time With Friends
Enjoy Time With Family
Be Part of A Great Community


Preview An Actual Deal...

This case study is a recent deal Dave Reagan made over $2 million in profits for this 8-lot subdivision.

You can also access other actual deals from Dave and his students. Most of the deals shown required little to no money of investment.

Have questions? Let's Talk 🙂

Choosing the right educational program is a significant decision, and we understand that you might have questions before committing, no matter the price point. To help you make an informed choice, we offer a FREE personal consultation call with our trusted advisor, Zak Corrigan. 

Zak’s deep roots in his family’s construction business have equipped him with a profound understanding of construction and custom home building. Building upon this foundation, he founded Corrigan Homes, applying the principles and methods he learned from James and Dave.

At Wealthy Builder, Zak’s extensive collaboration with Dave and James has further honed his expertise in business strategy and development. Renowned for his passion for empowering others, Zak offers invaluable insights that can help you harness this program to transform your life and propel your success to unprecedented heights. As a dependable advisor, Zak is dedicated to assisting you in making well-considered choices tailored to your unique needs.


Enroll now in Dave's Complete System for only $20. Every new member receives not just the case studies, but also a jumpstart one-on-one call to ensure you hit the ground running and a marketing strategy session call.

Join our Wealthy Builder Family & Community today, and let us guide and motivate you to achieve wealth in all areas of your life. Crush your goals and control your destiny—guaranteed!

The Place for Builder Developers to Achieve Wealth in All Areas of Life.

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